This benefit is only for the active employees of All Access and is not available to the extended family. This is an assistance plan sponsored by the employer and is not a medical scheme.


The purpose of this plan is to provide employees contracted through All Access Outsourcing with a facility whereby they can make use of private primary Healthcare facilities. This benefit would ensure that previously excluded employees, who would otherwise have been denied private Health Care, can receive quality treatment. This plan is a first in the industry and is provided to all our employees. Up to now these employees have had to rely on State facilities which are overburdened and resultantly create delays and uncontrolled and excessive absenteeism.

It is a fact that the state of health of employees who cannot afford private medical care is constantly deteriorating. This leads to a constant rise in absenteeism of sick employees.

Through our unique product we will provide cover nationally, for all employees contracted through All Access with a network of Pharmacies and private General Practitioners who will consult with our employees on a negotiated fee for service. This benefit will include generic medication provided by a dispensing doctor or Pharmacy via a script from the attending General Practitioner or nurse at the Pharmacy.

In addition, basic pathology and radiology will be provided for diagnostic purposes on referral from the attending Doctor. Dependent on the condition certain basic chronic medication may be covered if dispensed by the General Practitioner. The alternative is that the member may take the script from the doctor to the nearest clinic and obtain the medication free of charge.

Hospitalization is not covered by this assistance benefit and the member would use State facilities for emergency or elective procedures.

We believe that this initiative will ensure a more healthy and productive workforce and should ultimately lead to better inefficiencies and profitability for all.